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FLUOR-O-FLO® Tank Adapters (Bulkhead Fittings)

Micromold's FLUOR-O-FLO® tank adapters allow quick, easy connection of our Schedule 80 PTFE threaded pipe system, or any NPT pipe system to tanks of any material: plastic, metal, or lined. The fittings can be installed without adapters in either flat wall tanks, or many cylindrical tanks. For small diameter tanks, we can supply custom adapters. PTFE fittings have NPT connections.

Fittings are also available in PVDF. The PVDF fittings are available with both NPT and socket weld connections.

All fittings are made from natural virgin materials. To maximize creep resistance, our PTFE bulkhead fittings are made from MICROFLON™ low-creep virgin PTFE. Standard fittings are supplied with Teflon® FEP-encapsulated hollow-core silicone o-rings. PFA encapsulated hollow-core silicone o-rings, PFA encapsulated Viton, or other o-ring materials can be supplied.

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Sales Bulletin
Product Specifications
Pressure Rating Chart
Installation Instructions

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Tank Adapters (Bulkhead fittings) - PTFE & PVDF Catalog Listing